4 tips make your home asthma safe

Allergens in the air can cause asthma attacks. So, the indoor air is one of the main reasons people have asthma problems. You should look into certain aspects of your home to keep your home asthma safe. Here are four tips for you.

No smoking

You should ensure that no one in your house smokes. Smoking pollutes the air and triggers asthma attacks. So, if you or anyone in the house has a habit of smoking, they should quit smoking. If the guests who arrive at your house smoke, then request them to smoke outside the house.

Avoid scented products

You should avoid using scented products. These means you should use unscented laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc. You should also avoid scented candles or air fresheners as well.

Regular cleaning

You should clean all the air ducts in the house and change the filters in the air conditioning systems regularly. It will help to remove any dust or other impurities to accumulate in these places.

No forced air system

Forced air systems can help the growth of molds and dust mites. If your home has forced air system, you should seal off the vents in the asthma patient’s room with aluminum covers or tape.

It is very important to maintain excellent indoor air quality in your house. You should get rid of irritants like tobacco, perfumes, cleaning products, etc. If a child or anyone else in your home has asthma, then you should create the best home environment possible for the person suffering from asthma.

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